Looking for our Holiday Hours?

Please refer to our contact page for our hours over the Christmas and new year break.

Please note that we have new payment options and information.

Monthly Payments

We now have an Online Direct Debit option.  If you would like to start paying for your new policy or renewal monthly, please click on the "Forms and Documents" tab.  This will step you through the process.

Annual Payments

  1. We have changed our bank account number.  The email you will have received for the new policy or renewal will have this account number on it.
  2. Alternatively, you can type "Kiwibike Insurance" into the payee search box in your internet banking software.  This will point the funds to the right location.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us on
0800 629 253 to discuss.

Changes to policies

Track Day Request

If you are looking to take part in an upcoming track day, please complete the Track Day Request Form.  Once we have assessed your request we will email you with the result of your request and any special terms and conditions that will apply, 

Important Information

Please note that we require your Track Day Request a few working days before the event.

Track Day Requests are all treated on an individual basis as each insurance company has different terms and conditions.


Policy Cancellation

If you wish to cancel your policy, please complete the Cancellation Request Form.  Once completed, we will respond via email confirming the cancellation.


Change / Addition of Bike

As motorcyclists ourselves, we appreciate that changing your bike or purchasing another one can be a common occurence.  To notify us of the new bike's details, please complete the Change/Addition of Bike Form.  Once we have received the details and processed the request we will contact you.


Change of Address

To notify us of your new address, plese complete the Change of Address Form.  We will confirm that we have updated our records by email.